The birth of a style exercise

The Ciclotte project was born from the evolution of Ciclò, the original concept of monocycle designed to meet the need for sustainable urban mobility. In a world where pollution and traffic are a constant daily concern, Ciclò, an innovative model of one-wheeled city bike, would have been the solution.

Designed in carbon to guarantee maximum lightness, ease of use and transportability, characterized by an iconic circular shape reminiscent of the retro monocycles of the late 19th century, and transformed into an object of refined engineering, Ciclò in 2007 became part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Italian Design, La Triennale di Milano.

Thanks to the success reaped, first of all by an audience who wanted it as an object for their home, the project was engineered on an industrial level, evolved into a functional fitness version with a special focus on design, making the iconic circle shape its symbol.

This is how the Ciclotte brand and its line have effectively become a must for the Interior Design and luxury fitness worlds.

Ciclotte: Design for fitness.